I have always enjoyed being connected to art. As far back as I remember, I would visualize colors and designs and I have always known that this was the field I would work in.
I discovered the world of glass design incidentally, and was immediately enchanted; in fact I fell in love. As soon as I touched glass, which is seemingly inflexible, I understood that I could never do without this love. It is this love which is expressed in my art, which I share through my work.
My studio caters to anyone looking for unique, one of kind pieces. There is a variety of light fixtures, decorative wall hangings, glass tables, Mezuzah cases, serving dishes and original designer jewelry – all made of glass!
Glass is an amazing substance – it isn’t soft or pliable, it doesn’t yield easily. It is at once mysterious and intriguing, strong and fragile; it can be transparent or opaque. It always holds a fascinating dialogue with light and it is always a challenge.
My glass designs appeals to people who love and appreciate art.  It is intended for those who enjoy singular, exclusive handmade items, for those who understand that it is impossible to make two identical pieces and this is what makes them unique.
The light fixtures and other home design items that I create are ornaments like jewelry for the home. Some of the light fixtures I design, light up a room with brightly, while others create a pleasing and calming ambiance.
All of my art is made of glass; some pieces are combined with other materials such as wood or iron work.  You can order anything you see in my studio, from jewelry to wall hangings, in the size and color of your preference, to meet your budget and to integrate harmoniously with the design of your home or office.
Due to the growing importance of recycling resources, I too have joined in the effort of recycling. In fact, I have a collection made out of recycled glass, which would otherwise have been discarded.  My studio is therefore categorized as a “Green Studios” – since I am involved in protecting the environment.

My art is shipped around the world and can be paid for through the secure services of PayPal.

For further details please contact me at:

Sarit Lapid +972-54-2131171

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